Join the Revolution in American Manufacturing.


The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, a federally-funded research and development organization of UI LABS, encourages factories across America to deploy digital manufacturing and design technologies, so those factories can become more efficient and cost-competitive.

Transforming America

Working with partners in industry, academia, the nonprofit sector and government, DMDII sponsors research projects in digital manufacturing and design; disseminates the lessons learned; and helps educate the workforce of tomorrow.

Our Vision

What is Digital Manufacturing and Design?

By capturing data at every stage of the production process—and by deploying specially-designed software and other digital tools—manufacturers can efficiently share and revise their digital designs.

The Technology

Our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.

President Barack Obama

Research & Development

A sustainable roadmap for innovation.

Prioritized Initiatives

Our Technical Advisory Committee identifies gaps in current knowledge in digital manufacturing and design—as well as business problems that need digital solutions—as it develops our technology roadmap.

Our Process

Local manufacturers know that staying competitive takes skilled labor.

REP. Robin Kelly , U.S. Congress (IL-2)

Responding to Industry Demands

With a renewed focus on science and engineering education, we will bridge the manufacturing and technology skills gap to create the workforce of tomorrow.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Engaging with America's Future Workforce.

(It will reduce your cost) and improve your productivity, and make sure every part you produce is quality.

Al Hufstetler , Siemens PLM Software


A Platform for Collaboration and Industry Growth.


DMDII offers three different tiers of membership to industry partners; four tiers for academic and nonprofit partners; and one tier for state & local government partners. What’s best for you?

Membership Tiers


DMDII welcomes partners from industry, academia, the nonprofit sector and government who can participate in our research projects; adopt digital technologies in their own factories, and advance the state-of-knowledge nationwide.

Member Benefits

This cutting-edge digital lab will ensure that the city of big shoulders remains the city of big discoveries for years to come.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Rooted in Practical Application

Our 94,000-square-foot home on Chicago’s Goose Island serves as headquarters for DMDII and its parent organization, UI LABS; will offer a fully-equipped factory demonstration floor, as well as collaboration, meeting and dining spaces.

Our Facility

Our Facility

A Physical Hub for Digital Manufacturing.

Upcoming Event

DMDII to host a members-only Technology Showcase (previously known as "Project Management Review") on November 17th, 2016 at the UI LABS Innovation Center.

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